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About AARA

Mission Statement

To help incite competitive enterprise with community spirit amongst its membership;To promote methodical development and economic advancements of retail markets; To represent the regulatory, financial, and common operational interests of its membership at local, state, and federal level; and To engender cooperation with and/or amongst various other organizations to furtherance of above objectives.

Coming together is Beginning, Staying together is Progress,

Working together is “Success”
AARA History

AARA of MD was created in 2010 with just 25 odd people wanting to do something forthe Retailers with Asian-American origin in MD. The vision behind AARA of MD’s inception was to bring stakeholders in the small retailers’ fraternity (business owners, vendors,
non-profit associations) on a single, unique platform to be able to achieve common goals and to be able to deliver a more sustainable and profitable future for all industry participants in the MD region. Currently, AARA of MD represents over 350 members from 7-11s, Dunkin Donuts, Subways, Restaurants (franchised and private),
C-stores, Gas Stations, Liquor Stores, etc.

In year 2012, AARA of MD has achieved many milestones.
  • Our membership has doubled to over 350 members
  • We have been able to successfully lobby the interest of our members (e.g. Bill 762 in PG County, Wegmans’ License Application in Howard County, etc.)
  • We have been able to partner with many vendors in our bi-monthly meetings
  • We have developed many programs (educational, promotional, social) for our members and form affiliations with other groups (professional and social) to expand our reach
  • Similarly, we have successfully provided networking opportunities to our membership

AARA encourages its members to practice highest level of competitive enterprise with a sense of social responsibility. With this goal in mind, we recognize many of our members for their outstanding achievements. AARA is all about being voice of membership and monitor legislative as well as regulatory developments for them. While directing efforts to aid members in this regard AARA also emphasizes on furtherance of members’ financial and other business operation goals.